Submerse – Big Up Magazine Podcast 15 (2010)



This kid’s production quality surprized us from the start. We took a closer listen and the verdict was definite – he is going to go far! For those of you who haven’t heard his weekly Sub FM shows, and haven’t seen him play across various clubs in the UK, meet the new name, big in the game… Some back to the future, nu levels business for all of you here from Submerse.


1. Submerse – Never Mine ‘FortyFour Remix’ (Dubplate)
2. Submerse – 94 ‘Sully Remix’ (Night Audio)
3. Clueless – Lady In Red (L2S)
4. VVV – Project X (Dubplate)
5. Resketch – Midway (Dubplate)
6. Synkro – Back Then (Dubplate)
7. Whistla – Way 2 Dark (Dubplate)
8. Sentinels – Love Rhythm (Dubplate)
9. FortyFour & Resketch – Inside Out (Dubplate)
10. Lecs – No Names ‘Wascal Remix’ (Dubplate)
11. Monz – In Da Club (L2S)
12. KingThing – Neglect Me (Dubplate)
13. EL-B vs Laze – How U Like Dat (Dubplate)
14. DJ Narrows – Saved Soul (Resurrection)
15. Demos – The Dirty Way (L2S)
16. EL-B Feat. Rolla – Dirty Dirty (Dubplate)
17. FortyFour – Stay (Dubplate)
18. Tricky Strutt – The Joy In Your Eye (Dubplate)
19. Submerse & Resketch – Seven Times (Dubplate)
20. Submerse – Forgive Me (Night Audio)


  1. birželio 13, 2010

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