Day Of The Woman – DOTW (2010)

Instrumental / Beats / Indie


Each artist on their own is adept at creating wonderous sounds but together, the three produce a sound like a black hole in space. The sound is dense with the pounding of drums yet countered by the spacy guitars that swirl around your head like a tornado. Each song is carefully painted with psychedelic brushstrokes and constructed into a massive wall of sound. When the album ends and the sound ceases to resonate, you’ll have to pinch yourself just to make sure it was real.
The entire album is a free download and includes remixes from each of the artists as well as Ape School, Landing, Mexicans with Guns, and Zoon van Snook.


1. Cassette Tape
2. I’d Be Insane To Say It
3. Jennifer Hills
4. Kill Screen
5. Amazing Things
6. Pinwheel
7. Rocketship Champion
8. Amazing Things
9. I’d Be Insane To Say It
10. Pinwheel (Landing Remix)
11. Cassette Tape (Zoon Van Snook Remix)
12. Rocketship Champion (Yppah Remix)
13. Jennifer Hills (Mexicans With Guns Remix)
14. Kill Screen (Pollination Remix)

Listen / Download:

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