Fundamental – Mixology Five: Clueless

Mixology Five arrives from the outer regions of Norway. Clueless is a garage producer and advocate who has resolutely supported the genre for over a decade now. Hastily signed to L2S Recordings during the burgeoning 2-step resurgence, Clueless has quickly become another bastion of Whistla’s future garage movement. His Mixology serves up a collection of bumpy, bubbling rhythms with a melodic, multicoloured hue. The tracklist is a royal flush of the artists that Fundamental endorses, including Submerse, Resketch, Pariah and XXXY amongst a few select dubplates from his own hard-drive. Look out for a forthcoming feature and interview from Clueless dropping soon on the site.


Ghostek – Vacuum (dub)
Submerse – Fall In Love (dub)
Resketch – Ghosts (L2S forthcoming)
Neat – Lime Sugar (Airflex Labs)
Subreachers – Gribble Funk (dub)
Resketch – Give It Them (L2S forthcoming)
Clueless – Tangible (L2S forthcoming)
Pledge – Close 2 U (Clueless Remix) (dub)
Neat – A Light I Know (Airflex Labs)
Clueless – Wait (dub)
TGunn – Tonight (dub)
Sclist – Cyanide (Urban Scrumping)
Erra ft Littlefoot- Favourite Cake (L2S)
SMW – Armagedon (Dubstep Is Dead)
XXXY – Turn (Fortified Audio)

Listen / Download:

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Clueless – Future Garage Mix, Aug 2010
Clueless – Future Garage Mix, Apr 2010

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