Dubstepish Part 15


01 – Unknown Artist – Shutter [Dubstep/Dreams]
02 – Spark – Revolving (Ramadanman Remix) [2-Step/Dubstep]
03 – George Lenton – On Repeat [Dubstep/Us Feeling It]
04 – Buck UK – EL [My two steps/my future steps]
05 – Floetry – Say Yes (Kähn Remix) [2-Step/Future Garage]
06 – Pledge – ? [Future Garage/Dubstep]
07 – Primary 1 – Never Know (Submerse Remix) [Future Garage/Vocal]
08 – Nosaj Thing – Light #1 (Take Remix) [I like Sun/Beat your Dubstep]
09 – Swarms – Ur Voice Shakes [Ambient/Future Garage]
10 – Lung – Broken (Irrelevant Remix) [Ambient/Future Garage]


Limited Download Time!

Gero Klausymo!

    • BadBoyyy
    • lapkričio 25, 2010


  1. dėkui :)

    • imiz
    • lapkričio 26, 2010

    Visada buna perliuku – aciu

  2. Hi, just wanted to say the 1st track on D15 has completely blown my head off since last night, I must have listened to it about 500 times and another 100 or so times this morning.

    Any idea of who it might be?

    Or would you be able to tell how you found it?

    Many thanks for your help here.

    Also – I only just discovered your compilations, I think I have number 7 or 8 and this one now, any chance of ever reuploading other parts?

    Cheers in advance!

    Greetings from London.


    • Hi, “Shutter“ artist was unknown to me about week until he named himself on soundcloud, here’s his profile: http://soundcloud.com/eriksatie.

      I’m glad you liked my compilations, though I can’t share any other compilations that are already deleted, sorry, nothing personal, just it’s my way to share those amazing artists.

      Maybe you can find other compilations on emule, soulseek, torrents. I don’t know, but maybe :)

      And London has best Future Garage / Post-Dubstep / Deep Dubstep artists in the world :)

      2 more compilations are coming this year and that’s it for 2010, so keep looking for them and good listening!

  3. Awesome & thanks! Marked for further research.

    No worries about reuploading, I’ll just go by the artists I do not know already on the tracklists and do some hunting ;-)



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