Volor Flex – My Story (2012)

Praleidusiems Tramp albumą, irgi siūlau klausyti, klausyti, klausyti


Six months after his highly anticipated and well-received debut album, Volor Flex delivers a sequel – the 15-tracks effort entitled “My Story“.
Alexandr is discreetly taking some distance from the somewhat controversial sound of “Tramp“ in a follow up that will hopefully shape up his place in the ‘church of Burialism’ as more than just a tribute while keeping the eerie and emotive sound true to his main influence.


01. Foretime
02. Faint Hope
03. Northbound
04. Inexplicable Thing
05. Cryptic
06. True Faith
07. Forsaken
08. Fake Love
09. Last Night
10. My Story
11. The Sign
12. Someday
13. Shame
14. Leave In Silence
15. Revulsion

Listen / Download / BUY:

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