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Girių Dvasios – Metai (2010)

Alternative / Dub / Experimental / Techno / Deep

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VA – Futurespective (2010)

Alternative / Downtempo / Experimental / IDM / Hip-Hop / Lithuania


A compilation with all the artists that we have on our roster. This will give you an idea of our label’s future.
But with this release we are also hoping to collect some money to pay for distribution of “The Sound of Nature” CD. We need your help! And as soon as we get the right amount of money, which is around $50, we will make this release free!
Whole release costs only one dollar! Or you can pay more if you wish.

This release is now free!


01. Moonwalker – Distance
02. Rushkeys – Our Weird Mornings
03. SoulSonic – Vicious Circle
04. 101 – I was on a mission to Moon
05. Slownoise – Furtsy
06. Giriu Dvasios – Vesu
07. SEN – Never Before Again v2
08. Super Bad Beats – Freestyle 7 Skaityti toliau

SoulSonic – Complex (2010)

Leftfield / IDM / Experimental / Lithuania


Our first release is an album by SoulSonic and it’s called “Complex“. There are 13 tracks of modern electronic music and couple of tracks to remember the old good times. There are also two remixes by a well known electronic music artists ENV(itre) and Galaktlan.


01 Icarus
02 Flight
03 No
04 Mind On Fire
05 Fast Life
06 Fear Of Loneliness
07 Corridor
08 My World Collapsed
09 Ness
10 Dream About Summer
11 Fear Of Loneliness (ENV(itre) Remix)
12 Icarus (Galaktlan Remix)
13 Mind On Fire (Four On The Floor Version) Skaityti toliau