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Fundamental – Mixology Eight: KingThing

Skaityti toliau

Fundamental – Mixology Five: Fortified Audio

Skaityti toliau

Fundamental – Mixology Five: Clueless

Mixology Five arrives from the outer regions of Norway. Clueless is a garage producer and advocate who has resolutely supported the genre for over a decade now. Hastily signed to L2S Recordings during the burgeoning 2-step resurgence, Clueless has quickly become another bastion of Whistla’s future garage movement. His Mixology serves up a collection of bumpy, bubbling rhythms with a melodic, multicoloured hue. The tracklist is a royal flush of the artists that Fundamental endorses, including Submerse, Resketch, Pariah and XXXY amongst a few select dubplates from his own hard-drive. Look out for a forthcoming feature and interview from Clueless dropping soon on the site. Skaityti toliau

Fundamental – Mixology Four: Grievous Angel


Number four in the Mixology saga comes from Grievous Angel, prolific DJ, producer, blogger and underground cultural commentator. Recently profiled and interviewed by Fundamental, Grievous presented to us a critical understanding of what makes great 2-step; the play-off between masculine and feminine – the light versus dark. Grievous gained a reputation on the fringes of dubstep for his reworking of Blackdown and Dusk’s Margins Music, recasting their tour of the London Boroughs it into a zeitgeisty splurge that touched on all the best parts of the 130bpm spectrum. In his entry into the Mixology series G.A focuses in on the best cutting edge garage and includes gear from Jamie Grind, Gremino, Burial, Keysound Recordings and exclusives from himself. Skaityti toliau

Fundamental – Mixology Three: Resketch

Pasiskaitymui apie mixą čia.


Defekt – Vellicate (Dubplate)
VVV – Hidden Places (Dubplate)
Resketch – Places Like This (Kursed)
Policy – Disco Report (from memory) (Dubplate)
Resketch – Connected (Kursed)
Jamie Grind & Hackman – Saw the Light ( Dubplate)
Subreachers – A While Back (Resketch Remix) (Dubplate)
Submerse & Resketch – Fruit Salad (Dubplate)
KingThing – Make Me Feel (Dubplate)
Clueless – Untold Tales (Forthcoming Night Audio)
Vas Guiro – Snick Snack (Forthcoming Night Audio)
Resketch – Effervecence (Kursed)
Resketch – Me & You (Forthcoming L2S)
Jamie Grind – If You Want (Infrasonics)
Resketch – Crystal Kingdoms (Kursed)
Andrea – You Still Got Me (Daphne)
Submerse – Take It Back (Dubplate)
Milyoo – Down to Love (Forthcoming Night Audio)
Resketch – Midway (Forthcoming Night Audio)
Submerse & Resketch – Get Away (Dubplate)

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