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Alenka – Just Be Mix, 2015

Ambient / Future Garage / Mix

patinka trumpi tokie man setai Skaityti toliau

Volor Flex – Exhale (2015)

any questions? Skaityti toliau

Volor Flex – Live @ Abstrasension Festival

pz, o beveik 1 metai praėjo. ir tik dabar, žinau kaip jis atrodo :D

Volor Flex – Best of Volor Flex: Part 01

Aš tai klausau iki užmiegant…gražu Skaityti toliau

Trampique – Face To Face (2014)

alias Volor Flex

jeigu ką primins pati koncepcija tai gerai :) nes Detz – Seasons (2014) toks ir yra, mintis panaši, stilius truputį kitoks


“Trampik is this place in my hometown, where I go when I want to be alone. My close friends know that if I’m missing, they can find me there.
This album is about one year of my life. 2013 was very emotional and complex, each month has left a distinct print on my life. I had a lot of very difficult moments. I tried to translate them all into music. I made an album that describes this heartbreaking year.“ Skaityti toliau